Family Law

Important Questions to Ask your Divorce Lawyer
A divorce case involves many issues. These include everything from choosing a method of legal separation, selecting where and how to file, paying the filing fees, and deciding the property division.
What is Collaborative Law in a Divorce
Collaborative law is an alternative dispute resolution process for divorce where couples work with a team of professionals to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.
Alienation of Affection
Alienation of affection is a legal cause of action that allows a spouse to sue a third party for interfering with their marriage and causing their spouse to lose love and affection for them.
Minimizing the Cost of Divorce: A Practical Guide
Divorce can be an emotionally taxing and financially draining process. However, with careful planning and strategic decision-making, the financial burden can be significantly minimized.
Steps in the Child Custody Mediation Process
The child custody mediation process typically involves several steps aimed at helping parents reach an agreement on custody and parenting plans in a structured, non-adversarial environment. Here is an overview of the common steps involved: